Welcome to Cuyabeno Wildlife Center, 25 years of expertise


Due to heavy rain and recent reports, some routes in Ecuador are closed or experiencing delays. While our operations continue, there may be delays if using the shuttle bus or public bus. We will do our best to accommodate the operation so that your Cuyabeno tour is not affected.

Work & Wander Cuyabeno

Welcome to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Center’s Digital Nomad program, where the serene beauty of the Amazon meets cutting-edge remote work facilities. Tailored for those who seek a flexible, inspiring, and green work environment, our program offers 7 and 14-day packages that blend work with adventure. Experience the unparalleled connection with nature, only in the deep jungle, and see how it positively transforms your work and well-being.


Our Previews


Work & Wander Cuyabeno

Welcome to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Center’s Digital Nomad program, where the serene beauty of the Amazon meets cutting-edge remote work facilities. Tailored for those who seek a flexible, inspiring, and green work environment, our program offers 7 and 14-day packages that blend work with adventure. Experience the unparalleled connection with nature, only in the deep jungle, and see how it positively transforms your work and well-being.

Our Previews


Work, Wander, and Thrive in the Jungle

Why choose Cuyabeno for Remote Work?

Online Connectivity: With Starlink internet, we ensure you stay connected with the world, even as you work surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the Amazon. Only our digital nomad travelers of the Work & Wander tour have access to ensure smooth connection.
Flexible Work-Tour Balance: Our program is designed for flexibility. Work remotely at your pace and join our shared day tours whenever you wish. It’s the perfect harmony of productivity and exploration.

Workplace and service: Our main lobby makes for a wonderful open workspace with a magnificent view on the surrounding rainforest and river. As you focus on your tasks, we keep you fueled and refreshed with an array of delicious picadas (small bites) and juices.

What your Ideal Workday looks like:

  • You wake up around 05:30 AM for an enchanting early birdwatching excursion by canoe, greeted by a stunning lagoon sunrise.
  • You savor a hearty breakfast to kick-start a day of productivity amidst the jungle’s tranquility.
  • You enjoy sitting in our lounge, hammocks, or table while our staff brings you some snacks and juices. Utilize our eco-friendly solar panels for convenient device charging, all while enjoying views of the river and potential sightings of pink river dolphins!
  • A delicious lunch will be provided while you catch up with the other travelers and share stories. Post-lunch, draw inspiration from the surrounding nature to fuel your afternoon work session.
  • You enjoy a unique leisure break with our complimentary paddle boards or a refreshing swim in natural waters.
  • When your workday is complete,  join a 04:30 PM guided tour by canoe for an exciting river expedition to spot animals like sloths, monkeys, parrots, dolphins, hoatzin, and caimans, among others.
  • As evening descends, you will embark on a captivating night walk around the lodge to observe the nocturnal animals that come to life in the rainforest.
  • You end your day with a fulfilling dinner, followed by a peaceful night’s sleep in our jungle lodge.

Activities possible:

  • Early morning birdwatching
  • Canoe navigations
  • Jungle hikes
  • Lagoon swimming
  • Lagoon sunsets
  • Visiting communities
  • Night walks
Check our 5-day tour itinerary for an example. There are approximately 2 to 3 activities per day depending on the travel groups.

Pricing & Details

Join the Adventure: Prices for Work & Wander Cuyabeno Tour!

Discover the perfect balance of work and adventure with our Work & Wander Cuyabeno Tour, designed for the flexible and adventurous digital nomad. Immerse yourself in the lush, vibrant Amazon for:
7 days at $550 per person for a shared room.
14 days at $1100 per person for a shared room.

With a minimum of 2 people you will get a private room with private bathroom. For solo travelers, you can choose to stay in a shared room (max. 3 persons) or upgrade to a single room for an extra 75% over the regular price.

Dive into the rainforest at times that work best for you. Join our shared group activities to enrich your days without disrupting your workflow. And when the weekend or your free time rolls around, it’s your time to truly explore and unwind in nature’s embrace. Each evening over dinner with fellow travelers, you will receive a briefing about the planning of excursions for the next day so you can plan your activities.

Our tours are synchronized with your work rhythm. Starting and ending your journey aligns seamlessly with our regular tours, ensuring a hassle-free experience. If you require a different number of days for this program, feel free to contact us. Should your schedule diverge, we’ve got you covered, though additional costs for canoe usage may apply.

This tour is provided together with a partner lodge. We have a dedicated lodge manager available on-site to ensure the highest level of service and support for our clients.

To ensure the best experience and service, please note that our itineraries may be adjusted without prior notice in response to external conditions or unforeseen events.

Inside Your Work & Wander Tour Package
  • Canoe transportation between El Puente and our Lodge on the river.
  • Guidance from a bilingual naturalist guide.
  • Comfortable accommodation in double or triple rooms with mosquito nets and private bathrooms with hot water.
  • Upon arrival at the lodge, a table with fresh fruits, water and juice will be available for travelers.
  • All-inclusive buffet style meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), with provided purified water, coffee, and tea.
  • Additional small snacks and juices during your workdays.
  • Starlink Wi-Fi connection for the entirety of your stay.
  • Solar panel energy. Charging of devices can be done in the main lobby (not in rooms).
  • Complimentary use of excursion equipment, including raincoats, rubber boots, and life jackets for our guided adventures.
  • Free use of paddle boards at the lodge.
Excluded from Your Work & Wander Cuyabeno Tour Package
  • Transportation Quito – El Puente – Quito (we can help you to book the night shuttle bus).
  • A $10 contribution to support the local community.
  • Meals outside of the tour, including breakfast on the first day, and lunch and dinner on the last day. (with the shuttle bus service, breakfast and lunch are included).
  • Tips for your convenience.
  • Any additional expenses not explicitly mentioned in the tour.
How to Get to the Cuyabeno: Best Options

Note that this tour starts in El Puente Cuyabeno. We recommend taking the shuttle bus as it includes breakfast on the first day and lunch on the last day. Check our Transport options to the Cuyabeno.

Science of Working Green

Cognitive Benefits of Green Spaces
Research shows that natural environments can boost our ability to concentrate and think creatively. Kaplan’s Attention Restoration Theory (ART) suggests that exposure to nature helps restore our mental energy (Kaplan, 1995). Berman et al. (2008) demonstrated that walking in nature or even viewing scenes of nature can improve memory and attention. A study by Atchley et al. (2012) demonstrated that exposure to natural environments enhances creativity and complex problem-solving ability by up to 50%. In places like our Cuyabeno jungle lodge, surrounded by greenery and wildlife, visitors may experience enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills.
Psychological Well-Being
Humans have an inherent desire to connect with nature, as proposed by the biophilic hypothesis (Wilson, 1984). Hartig et al. (2003) found that nature walks had restorative effects on mental fatigue and stress, improving mood and self-esteem. The tranquil environment of Cuyabeno offers a peaceful escape, helping to lower stress levels and improve mood. This aligns with Ulrich’s (1984) findings that natural settings can reduce stress.
Physiological Health Benefits
Being in nature is linked with physical health benefits like lower stress hormone levels and improved heart health (Ulrich et al., 1991). In their groundbreaking study, Mitchell and Popham (2008) found a correlation between green spaces and reduced health inequalities related to income deprivation, including lower mortality rates. The clean air and serene atmosphere of the Amazon rainforest, especially at Cuyabeno, contribute to better respiratory health and overall physical well-being.
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