Welcome to Cuyabeno Wildlife Center, 25 years of expertise


Your Ultimate Cuyabeno Experience

Welcome to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Center, where every visit is a step into a world of sustainable adventure in the heart of the Amazon. More than just a destination, we strive to offer our travelers an unforgettable experience through a unique array of Cuyabeno tours.

Our Expedition Tours

Explore Beyond Boundaries

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our Expedition Tours at Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Each adventure is a unique exploration, ranging from immersive camping to deep jungle treks. These expedition tours aren’t found anywhere else in the Cuyabeno reserve. Our tours are:
Locally Operated
Collaborating with community-owned lodges, our local guides and staff bring authenticity and expertise to your journey.
Conservation Focused
With a deep commitment to the environment, each tour is thoughtfully crafted to aid in preserving the rainforest’s natural beauty and biodiversity.
Exclusive Partnerships with Lodges & Campspots

Exclusively partnering with a variety of lodges and campsites, we ensure your stay is not just comfortable but an integral part of your unique Amazon experience.

Unique Private Tours

Found nowhere else in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, our expedition tours are carefully crafted to offer the most incredible private tours in our magnificent jungle.


    Our Regular Tours

    Discover the Amazon’s Wonders

    Dive into the heart of the Amazon with our Regular Tours at Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Every regular tour offers activities like tranquil river explorations, wildlife sightings, and guided rainforest walks. These regular tours provide a comprehensive and accessible way to experience the diverse beauty of Cuyabeno, perfect for those seeking both adventure and relaxation.
    Guaranteed Departures
    Never miss an adventure with our assured tour schedules, regardless of travel date or group size.
    Dedicated Partner for +8 Years
    Experience the reliability and expertise that comes with our long-standing partnership lodge in the Cuyabeno reserve.
    Highest Quality, Service, and Food
    Enjoy top-tier tours, consistently delivering exceptional experiences, excellent customer service, and delicious local cuisine.
    Eco-friendly Lodge & Facilities

    Powered through solar panel energy and investing in conservation, this premium lodge ensures that they always give back to the Cuyabeno reserve.

      Sustainable Tourism

      You can support wildlife conservation efforts through responsible tourism practices and educational activities.

      Adventure and Relaxation

      Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an action-packed adventure, our tours in the Cuyabeno has something for everyone.

      Unique Expeditions

      Cuyabeno Wildlife Center offers exclusive Cuyabeno tours that can’t be found anywhere else within the reserve.

      Our Mission

      At Cuyabeno Wildlife Center, our mission is to provide our guests with an authentic and immersive rainforest experience while promoting conservation and sustainability. We believe that ecotourism is a powerful tool for protecting the natural environment and supporting local communities.

      Support local communities

      Our tours support the local communities through sustainable practices, employment opportunities, and preservation of traditional cultures.


      Amazon Conservation Project

      As part of the Amazon conservation project, we participate in reforestation efforts, wildlife monitoring, and environmental education to protect the Amazon rainforest.

      Educate Guests who Visit us

      We provide guests with guided tours and interactive experiences that showcase the incredible wildlife and ecosystems of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, to educate about the biodiversity and importance of the rainforest.