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What is the best time to visit?

The climate in Cuyabeno Reserve is typically tropical, characterized by high humidity and abundant rainfall. To make the most of your visit, it’s important to consider the weather patterns. The dry season, from November to February, offers more predictable weather with fewer rainfall occurrences. During this time, river levels are lower, making it easier to explore the reserve by canoe and navigate the waterways. The wet season, from March to October, brings heavier rainfall, leading to higher river levels and flooded forests. This period showcases the reserve’s lush greenery and offers unique opportunities to observe wildlife.

Both seasons have their advantages, so choosing the best time to visit depends on your preferences and interests. Keep in mind that wildlife sightings are possible throughout the year, but certain species may be more active during specific seasons.

Do we need to bring insect repellent?

To help you fully enjoy our unforgettable walks, we recommend bringing some deet for the day and night walks, as well as for your afternoon adventures at beautiful lagoons. But don’t worry, once you’re back at the lodge, all beds are provided with mosquito nets to ensure a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep.

Are vaccinations of Malaria medication required?

Despite not having had any problems in the last 25 years, precaution against yellow fever and Malaria is recommended, especially for the adventures and long tours. Before departure, visit your doctor to get the most up-to-date health information.

If you have significant allergies or chronic medical difficulties, wear a medical alert bracelet, inform the guide and bring your own medication.

Can kids visit the Cuyabeno?

There is no age restriction for our tours or entering the Cuyabeno, but a minimum age of 5 years old is recommended.

We also recommend booking a private tour for comfort for the children. Also, guides will adjust their tours based on the childs needs. Children below 12 years old need to be accompanied by a parent or adult.

Note, trails may prove to be challenging.

Is there wifi in the lodge?

No, there is no Wi-Fi or cellphone reception available during the tour. Our location is remote, providing you with a unique chance to disconnect from the digital world and fully embrace the natural surroundings. Enjoy the tranquility and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Cuyabeno experience.